Symbolab app - full overview & how to use

everyone so here is the app called symbol app algebra Mass solver so let's just install it it's content constantly in the top charts of the US app store for Education there are so many this algebra solver apps and it's actually good there is some competition every app is just competing with each other on pricing on like complexity of the problems they want to solve uh it's a it's a new professional math calculator and a mass Problem Solver use Simple apps for the mass scanner to answer questions get some help with your mass homework or solve math problems with step-by-step Solutions have a private Mass tutor in the in your pocket is used by over 200 million students to work through and understand more than one billion Mass problems and explanations so let's just open the app and then yeah you can see how it looks like so you can either enter a problem topic which is pretty helpful because sometimes you just want to type it but if you have some complex equation in your homework or in your school or whatever sometimes even typing it into the Google it it's pretty complicated because it has all these symbols like you know or stuff like that and on on your standard keyboard you don't have that so just need first to find out the way to Google it out but it's just much better to use the app like that or just even easier you can just scan it uh however sometimes Canon is not the best solution but let's just try with this like simple example and easily instant you have this and then you can just tap show steps and then yeah you can see the answer like uh uh like that so it's pretty cool app actually so you can see here and I didn't even create an account um like it's instant super easy to upgrade of course you can then create an account so you can create an account you can send in Google Facebook Apple office or just email um so unlock the full experience you can also subscribe if you want to have no ads and just have full access to solution steps you can subscribe from 2.49 and then if you just free sign up you can just save notes you can so uh have some personalized practice problems think you know take across all devices so probably this app is also available on desktop or something and then you can just sync it all together then it this app also has like really nice collection of like all these tutorials some exercises and then you can just see these examples here so it's like pretty handy app to try out um yeah so that's basically the idea so super interesting app definitely give it a try and yeah thank you for watching

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