Talkie AI app - how to use

Hey everyone, today I want to talk about the Viral Talkie app, which has gained popularity as one of the leading apps for chatting with AI bots. This app offers advanced features that make it stand out from the competition.

When you open the app, you will find a variety of AI bots that you can interact with. By simply swiping, you can explore different bots and tap on them to send messages. What's interesting is that the app provides a wide range of video messages and allows you to customize your own responses.

If you want a fresh start, you can tap the plus button and reset the chat. Additionally, you can share your conversations and even make calls or video calls within the app. It's worth mentioning that the developers have promised to bring more exciting features in the future, enhancing your overall experience.

The app also offers a feature called "gacha," where you can buy and sell different cards for specific bots. This adds a fun element to the app, allowing you to collect and trade virtual items.

What sets the Viral Talkie app apart is its ability to create your own talkie. By proceeding with the provided options, you can easily create your own AI bot. This feature is great for those who want to personalize their experience within the app.

In the settings section, you can fine-tune your AI bot's behavior. You have the option to set up proactive message sending, autoplay voice messages, and the prologue message. Furthermore, if you find the app not meeting your expectations, you can easily delete your account.

For users who want an enhanced experience, the app offers an upgraded version called Talkie+. For a monthly fee of $9.99, Talkie+ provides an ad-free environment, autoplay voice messages, free daily gems, extra inspiration, and unlimited chat. Additionally, you'll receive free gachas, remote gachas, more gems, and faster responses.

The app also incorporates a social aspect through user profiles and subscriptions. You can subscribe to other users and see who subscribed to you. This feature adds a community feel and allows users to interact with each other.

If you are successful in creating popular AI bots within the app, you can potentially make money by utilizing the wallet feature. Furthermore, you can invite your friends to the app and earn gems.

To invite friends and earn free gems, simply use my code SGY5CA. By doing so, you will receive additional free gems as a reward. It's a great way to enjoy the app even more.

In summary, the Viral Talkie app stands out as one of the top AI talking apps available today. Compared to its competitors like Chai, this app offers a user-friendly interface, a diverse range of features, and a large Discord community. You also have the option to turn on teenager mode if desired. I highly recommend trying out the Viral Talkie app for an immersive and engaging AI chat experience.

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