Talkie app “bot sent you a new card. Tap to open it”

The Talkie app has introduced a new feature where its AI bot sends users a notification saying "bot sent you a new card. Tap to open it". In a video transcript explaining the feature, it was revealed that this notification appears when users have been engaging in a lot of chats with the bot.

Once the notification pops up, users simply need to tap on it to open the card. From there, users are presented with a selection of cards to choose from. It seems that the purpose of these cards varies, as the transcript mentions a "card plot" that the user is unsure about. However, users have the option to like the card, and even enable it as a chat background.

This new feature adds an interactive element to the user experience on the Talkie app. By receiving personalized cards based on their interactions with the AI bot, users can dive deeper into the content and engage in a more immersive way.

The Talkie app continues to evolve and enhance its offerings, keeping users engaged and interested. With this new card feature, users can look forward to more interactive and personalized experiences within the app.

Overall, the Talkie app's implementation of the "bot sent you a new card. Tap to open it" feature provides a seamless and user-friendly way for users to access additional content and delve further into their conversations with the AI bot. As the app continues to innovate, it will be interesting to see how this feature evolves and expands in the future.

In summary, Talkie app users can now receive personalized cards from the AI bot, prompting them to tap and open the card to explore additional content. This new feature enhances the user experience and adds an interactive element to conversations within the app.

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