TALKIE APP - how to use? Advanced tutorial

In this article, we will explore the features of the Talkie app and provide you with an advanced tutorial on how to use it effectively. Talkie is a character AI chat app that has quickly become one of the top apps in this category. While there have been other apps in this space like Chai and Character AI, Talkie has managed to outperform them all, consistently ranking high in the charts. This app offers a completely new niche, allowing users to chat with a universe of AI personalities.

One of the standout features of Talkie is the ability to embark on an imaginative journey with a diverse range of AI personalities. You can craft your ideal AI companion, engage in immersive role-playing, and treasure meaningful moments through captivating visuals. The app also boasts a massive lineup of AI personalities, handcrafted by an awesome community. Whether you want to chat with famous virtual characters or create your own, the possibilities are endless.

The app also allows users to build their own chatbots without the need for an upgrade. You can create up to five chatbots within the app, giving you plenty of room for experimentation. Talkie takes you into an AI wonderland, offering advanced features right from the start. Additionally, you have the opportunity to become a creator on the app and even earn revenue.

Let's dive into the app and explore its unique features. Upon opening the app, you will notice two tabs at the top - "Chats" and "Discover". The "Discover" feed allows you to swipe through different AI characters. Talkie is proactive in nature, with these characters instantly starting conversations with you. Duolingo chatbot is one example of such proactive interactions. You can engage with the chatbot, explore its responses, and if you're satisfied, follow the bot.

Within each chatbot, you can see the number of followers and connectors, which represent people who started the chat. You can also view the chat history and access the memory feature. Memory allows you to add information that the chatbot will remember about you, such as your preferred pronouns and adjusting the chatbot's style. In the Tokyo shop, you may find cards created by other users. These cards can enhance your chatbot's interactions and provide additional conversation avenues.

The app provides various options for engaging with chatbots. You can regenerate a response, add it to the chat, or tap on the chatbot's card to get more details. You can also share the chatbot with your friends if you find it particularly enjoyable. While the number of prompts you can enter is limited, you can still create unique chatbots by putting in some effort.

Talkie also introduces the concept of cards, which can be bought or obtained through bots. These cards offer additional prompt options for your chatbots. In addition, you can create your own cards within the app, adding details and background stories to enhance the conversation. The app generates imaginary characters for you to work with, and you can even use AI assistance in writing the prompts.

To get started with Talkie, create your own Talkie by selecting your preferred character type and customizing it to your liking. You can choose the gender and even upload a photo to create a similar image. The app provides optimization prompts to fine-tune your character, including recommendations for writing character descriptions, greetings, and writing style.

As a creator, you have the opportunity to attract an audience and potentially monetize your successful chatbot. This app presents a new scene for the creator economy, where a well-crafted bot with engaging conversations can generate revenue. Effort and attention to detail are crucial to creating a popular bot that users will enjoy.

While Talkie offers a wealth of features in its free version, there is also a Talkie Plus subscription available. With Talkie Plus, you can enjoy benefits such as free Talkie gems, priority chat privileges, and faster AI responses. There are also options for extra inspiration and additional free gachas per month. The Talkie Plus subscription is priced at $10 per month.

In the app settings, you can disable certain features, such as AI proactively sending messages. You can also explore additional options like setting a Live2D background, creating a certificate to attain a verified badge, and accessing frequently asked questions for more information.

Overall, Talkie is a powerful AI chatting app with a range of advanced features. It offers a unique opportunity for users to engage with AI personalities and even create their own. Whether you're looking for a fun conversation or a chance to monetize your creative endeavors, Talkie has something to offer. Give it a try and explore the possibilities within this top AI chatting app.

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