Talkie app - “MESSAGE is QUEUED”

In the Talkie app, there is a recurring issue that many users encounter – messages getting queued. This inconvenience can be bypassed by upgrading to Talkie Plus, which allows seamless messaging without any delays. For users who frequently engage in conversations on this app, sending more than approximately 50 messages triggers a notification indicating that their message is queued, and eventually prompts the need for an upgrade. While this can be frustrating, it did not personally affect me as I did not engage in extensive chatting. Despite this downside, the Talkie app offers various other features that make it worthwhile.

Additionally, there is an opportunity to earn free gems while using the Talkie app. By utilizing the code SGY5CA, users can enter the app and receive 200 gems. It is worth noting that both the user and I will receive 200 gems through this referral code. In fact, I have already accumulated an impressive amount of 7,500 gems.

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Please note that the above transcript has been edited for clarity and conciseness.

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