Talkie app “message is queued” - how long time to reset?

In the Toki app, when you see the message "message is queued," have you ever wondered how long it takes to reset? Users have shared various insights on this matter:

  • Some users suggest it may take around 14 hours for the message queue to clear. Essentially, after encountering this message, you might have to wait a maximum of 14 hours before you can resume chatting.
  • Other users have reported shorter reset times, such as 17 hours, which is not even a full day. This implies that you could potentially be ready to chat again within less than a day.
  • There are also users who have experienced reset times ranging from 7 to 12 hours. This indicates that the waiting period could be at least 7 hours or up to 12 hours, roughly equating to half a day.

These estimations are based on user feedback and are not official information from the app developers. However, the consensus seems to suggest that you may need to wait between 7 to 12 hours before being able to initiate conversations again. This timeframe could serve as a general guideline for users facing similar situations.

Ultimately, whenever you encounter the "message is queued" notification, you now have a better idea of the potential timeframe within which normal chat functionality might be restored.

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