Talkie app queue - you need to wait 2 minutes to continue

If you're an avid user of the Toki app and find yourself engrossed in numerous chats, you may have encountered a scenario where you are prompted to wait for two minutes before continuing your chat. This may come as a surprise or inconvenience, but rest assured, it is not a bug or glitch.

In fact, this waiting period has been intentionally implemented as a feature by the Toki app team. The purpose behind this is to encourage users to consider upgrading to Toki Plus, a subscription plan priced at $10 per month. By subscribing to Toki Plus, you gain access to the coveted "priority chat privilege."

The priority chat privilege ensures that Toki Plus users receive the best possible chat experience. This means that they are exempt from any delays caused by excessive traffic on the app. Essentially, by upgrading to Toki Plus, you are guaranteed a seamless and uninterrupted chat flow, free from the context-switching experience of waiting for two minutes before resuming your conversation.

While this waiting period may seem like a tactic to coax users into upgrading to Toki Plus, it is important to remember that it is a business strategy employed by many software and app developers. Premium plans often come with additional perks and advantages, and prioritized chat experience is one of them in this case.

If you find yourself frequently facing these two-minute waits and they negatively impact your overall chatting experience, upgrading to Toki Plus might be worth considering. However, it is entirely up to your personal preference and needs.

As with any subscription plan or upgrade decision, it is recommended to weigh the benefits offered against the associated cost. Take into account your frequency of app usage, the value you place on uninterrupted chats, and whether you believe the additional features of Toki Plus justify the monthly fee.

In conclusion, the Toki app's implementation of a two-minute waiting period in chats is intentional and designed to promote their Toki Plus subscription plan. By subscribing to this plan, users are granted the privilege of priority chat, ensuring a seamless chat experience without any delays caused by excessive traffic. While this may prompt users to consider upgrading, the ultimate decision remains in the hands of the individual user.

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