Talkie app - “Set as default memory for all talkies” - what is it?

The Talkie app has introduced a new feature called "Set as default memory for all talkies". But what exactly does this feature do? In a recent video transcript, a user attempts to explain its functionality while editing their profile in the Toki app.

To access this feature, the user taps on the edit option within their profile. Within this section, they can find the option to "Set as default memory for all Tokis". Although the user admits to not fully understanding the feature, they suggest that it is a recent addition to the app's capabilities.

Based on their explanation, it appears that the feature allows users to add personal information that will be shared with other Tokis in their conversations. This information will be taken into account by the app's bots, potentially enhancing the user experience. For example, users can share their hobbies or interests, such as hiking, to provide context to their conversations.

Upon saving the edited profile with the added information, it becomes the default memory for all profiles that the user chats with. This means that the shared context will automatically be available in conversations with other Tokis, providing a more personalized and meaningful interaction.

Though not fully comprehended by the user in the video transcript, the "Set as default memory for all talkies" feature in the Talkie app seems to have the potential to enhance user experience and foster more engaging conversations by adding context and personal information.

In the ever-evolving landscape of communication apps, this latest addition by the Talkie app is a step towards providing users with a smarter and more intuitive messaging experience. It will be interesting to see how users adopt and integrate this feature into their daily interactions.

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