Talkie app “Successfully invited! Your friend has joined Talkie through your invitation”

In a recent video transcript, the Talkie app announced an exciting new feature for its users. The notification pops up with the message, "Successfully invited! Your friend has joined Talkie through your invitation." This serves as a virtual pat on the back for users who have successfully referred their friends to join the app.

Upon receiving this notification, users can simply tap on it to view their personalized invitation code and the number of people they have successfully invited. The video transcript revealed that the user has already invited five friends, and as a result, they were able to claim some rewards using their invitation code.

The invitation code, SJY5CA, is shared with the viewers, who are encouraged to use it for "epic rewards." It is mentioned that for each successful invitation, users will receive 200 diamonds, a form of in-app currency. Additionally, when the total number of invited users reaches five, an additional 500 gems will be rewarded.

The video transcript further elaborates that this activity is exclusively available to selected users, making it an exclusive opportunity for those who have received the invitation. It is emphasized that time is of the essence, as this offer is only valid until January 20th.

To invite friends, users can simply tap on the "invite" button located in the top right corner of the app interface. This will generate the unique invitation code that can be shared with others.

In conclusion, Talkie app has introduced a new feature that rewards users for successfully inviting their friends to join the platform. With the opportunity to earn in-app currency and exclusive rewards, this feature presents an enticing proposition for active users. So, if you have a Talkie invitation code like SJY5CA, don't hesitate to use it before the deadline and enjoy the benefits it brings.

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