TANTAN APP preview, how to use?

so here is this new app which is called tan tan so let's just install it and see how it works so this app is basically a dating app or yeah it's just chatting app to meet new people meet someone who also likes you you can match with someone you can live chat uh the resource identity verification so you can see and meet people who are verified uh and then yeah so that's the app it's a way for young people to meet if you can't meet someone you like because of the busy work and limited social circle just use tantan to explore the most trendy way to swipe your card and meet new friends swipe left to pass five right to like so yeah that's basically i think chinese version of tinder come to tantan exploring your love journey together on tantan you will meet your much slower as well as your continual companions so here you can see that currently the price of uap membership starts from 30 c and wife per one month so yep and then you can see follow them on facebook on instagram and then there are just uh just over 6 000 ratings so far and some people really find some good matches here but let's just explore because seems in his app and he's just entering the top ranks on the us app store so let's see how it might work and then i just can create my account you can create your account this phone number use facebook or apple id usually i just do it with apple because it's like pretty fast then i can just add my phone number and then i should get some verification code and then i just enter my name here uh my gender you cannot change your gender afterwards so just be careful then just enter your birthday i'll just add some random date here you can agree to receive profile verifications then you can just add a photo [Music] so i don't know like i can just add this photo and then you can allow this app to access your location you can give access to the contacts you can allow notifications so and after that there you have it you just created uh your account on tan tan app so yeah that's basically how it works i hope it is helpful so then you can just explore you can see the tantan matches you can see messages then you can see your profile your settings so that's basically it uh hope it is helpful

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