Tap to pay on iPhone. So now, you can enable it with the Square Point of Sale app. You just need to search for it and this is how it looks like. Here is the Square app, and then you need to create your account. You need to set up your business; it's quite comp, like, you know, you just need to do some things. Mostly, I think it works in the US, but then you just tap on more and then let just, and then go to settings account, select to pay on iPhone.

To enable Tap to Pay on iPhone through the Square Point of Sale app, follow these steps:

  1. Select Settings in your Square account.
  2. Choose Account.
  3. Tap on "Tap to Pay on iPhone" and enable it.

Take contactless payments using the same Apple ID. This feature is compatible with contactless cards and digital wallets. Your business type and name will be shared with Apple and linked to your Apple ID. That's how it works.

No additional hardware is needed, perfect for payment on the go or as a backup. Sometimes you're in situations with your business where you need to accept payments right away and there are no additional devices. Accept contact cards and digital wallets. If there is a contactless symbol on the card, it will work with iPhone. Hold and wait for the tone, select Tap to Pay on iPhone, then have your customer hold the card horizontally over the contact symbol at the top of the iPhone. Get ready and give it a go.

With the new iOS 18, you will not even need the Square Point of Sale app. You'll just be able to use iPhone iOS 18, and then it will work just like that.

So try that out. I don't know, to be honest, in which countries it's available, whether it's available in Canada or the UK. For sure, it should work in the United States.

In summary, follow the steps outlined above to set up Tap to Pay on iPhone using the Square Point of Sale app. Get ready to accept contactless payments conveniently on your Apple device.

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