Team NGL messages - what is it?

Team NGL Messages - What is it?

If you have ever received a message in your inbox from the NGL app, with the tagline "send with love from Team NGL", you might be wondering what exactly it means. Well, that message is actually sent by a chatbot. Yes, you heard it right. Team NGL Messages are automated bot messages sent to users through the NGL app.

To find these messages, simply go to your inbox in the NGL app, and you'll come across these bot messages with the signature "send with love from Team NGL". They are designed to give you updates, notifications, or any other type of information from the app.

If you're curious about the settings, you can head over to the settings menu to manage the NGL Messages feature. By default, these messages are enabled. However, if you prefer not to receive these bot messages, you have the option to turn them off. The control is in your hands.

These Team NGL Messages are also referred to as NGL Love Messages. They might give the impression that they are sent by real people, but they are not. These messages are automated and designed to enhance your experience with the NGL app.

In conclusion, Team NGL Messages are bot messages sent through the NGL app. While they might appear to be sent by real individuals, they are actually automated messages. Whether you choose to keep them enabled or turn them off is entirely up to you, based on your preferences.

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