Temu: Team Up, Price Down - app overview & how to use

here's demo app team up price down this app is climbing to the top charts in like shopping category also in the overall apps on the US app store which is pretty crazy and I think yeah during this holiday season it will be one of the top apps and there are so many deals for Black Friday um yeah for all this Christmas offers and all of that exclusive Black Friday offers waiting for you say up to 70 off but it's not only for holidays is just a yeah interesting app so here first you just open an account you can enable notifications I really suggest you to do so because there are so many coupons there are so many like deals and all of this order status but yeah here you just have basically it's like you know Amazon you just can buy all the stuff you want um you have free shipping on all orders promotion free returns within 90 days so you can browse and and you know just buy some interesting shoes or some interesting elements and all of that there are some coupons so yeah you can just browse it all these deals and then just add them to your shopping cart uh or add like these sneakers for example or whatever so you can see the sizes here and then you just select color so yeah and then you can see what's inside of my car so it's like very in like easy to use app interesting design yeah it's like you know you can see all these categories car audio and video kitchen appliances uh yeah all this in other products um it's closing times games uh electronics Beauty and house Automotive office in school so here you can see my account there are all these promotions different types of closing um you can see items in the card you want to check out there is always some kind of promotion you can see you have it you have options to pay here then there is your account uh yeah so that's basically that you can always reach out to their support so that's basically how you can do it if there is no answers you can always reach out to customer service support here um yeah so something like that it's super easy to create an account it's also super easy just to delete an account if you want to you just can't sign up with Google Facebook Twitter or apple I just signed up with apple IDs because it's like super fast so does that and then there is home yeah you can see all of that um yeah so just better like home stuff closing all the home appliances all the stuff you need in homework for a gift or it's like super easy uh so yeah just all the kind of weird stuff you can buy in this app you can see all the best sellers uh yeah kind of very easy to use app there is no not that much buttons it's just you know good for gifts good for Christmas or like all of that and there are all kinds of items and bestsellers here in this app if you're a bit annoyed of Amazon or I don't know like you know and you want some fresh eye on some interesting products this is definitely the app you can check out so thank you for watching

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