Ten ten app can’t create an account “add more friends”

So here is the 10/10 app. When attempting to create an account on the app, users may encounter an issue where they are prompted with a message stating, "Add more friends." The message further explains that a user needs at least one friend to accept their request. Subsequently, the app shows a message indicating that it is "waiting for some friend," creating a barrier to account creation and usage.

The app restricts users from fully utilizing its features until they have successfully added a friend. This limitation hinders individuals from exploring the app's functionality independently. The process seems to require social validation through the addition of friends before granting access to all app capabilities, posing a challenge to users who wish to get started without an existing network within the platform.

Users may find themselves in a predicament where they are unable to proceed with the app's functionalities as desired. The reliance on having at least one friend to kickstart the account usage raises questions about the app's user onboarding process and the necessity of a social component in its initial setup.

In conclusion, the 10/10 app presents a roadblock for users looking to create an account and explore its features independently. The mandatory requirement of adding a friend before accessing the full functionality of the app may deter potential users who prefer to initiate their journey on the platform without the immediate need for social connections. This aspect of the app's onboarding process raises considerations about user accessibility and the balance between social interaction and individual exploration within the app experience.

Transcript: "So here is the 10/10 app and when I try to create an account it just shows me this "add more friends, you need at least one friend to accept your request" and then it just shows "waiting for some friend" and that's just what it is. You can't, yeah, you can't add, you can add more friends but unless until you add a friend you can't use this app for some reason. So that's just what it is, yep, there you have it."

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