Ten Ten app - can’t receive a confirmation code

Recently, there have been some user complaints regarding the Ten Ten app's inability to receive confirmation codes. Several users have taken to writing reviews, expressing frustration over this issue. It appears that this problem has persisted since spring, causing inconvenience for many users. The app requires users to input their phone numbers during the account creation process, but fails to deliver the necessary confirmation codes, rendering the app unusable.

Finding a solution to this problem has proven to be quite elusive. Users have reported experiencing the issue consistently, but there doesn't seem to be a uniform fix. Some users have mentioned that they have successfully resolved the problem by trying different phone numbers. In one case, a Danish number was used, while in another, a US number was attempted. Eventually, after multiple attempts, the confirmation code was received and the app began functioning properly.

It is difficult to determine the exact cause of the issue and why only some users are affected. However, it is worth noting that the Ten Ten app currently only allows sign-ins through phone numbers and does not offer the option to sign in with an email address.

Despite this setback, it is important to acknowledge that the app has been functioning smoothly for many users. While the confirmation code problem might be frustrating for some, it does not appear to be a universal issue. Nonetheless, the developers of the Ten Ten app should address this matter promptly, as a seamless user experience is paramount for any successful application.

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