Ten ten app - how to create an account?

The 1010 app provides users with an easy way to create an account, allowing them to connect with friends and use the app as a walkie-talkie. To create an account on the 1010 app, follow these steps:

  1. Log out of any existing accounts to start the account creation process.
  2. Choose to sign in with Apple, Google, or your phone number.
  3. Enter your login credentials, such as your Apple ID, and sign in.
  4. Fill in your full name.
  5. Add at least one friend who is already on the 1010 app.
  6. Wait for your friend to accept your friend request before you can start using the app.
  7. Ensure that all friends are on the latest updated version of the app for smooth functioning.

The app allows users to communicate with friends using a walkie-talkie feature, resembling a dynamic island on the lock screen. Users can talk to friends using their phones as a radio and must have the latest version of the app for seamless communication.

Despite occasional bugs, 1010 app offers a unique communication experience for those looking to connect with friends using a walkie-talkie interface. Keep your app updated to enjoy all the latest features and functionalities.

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