Ten ten app is down?

The Ten Ten app seems to be experiencing downtime once again. To check if the app is down, the best course of action is to visit their TikTok account at 1010 app. Here, users have reported instances where the servers are down, likely due to the rapid growth of users overwhelming the server capacity. The team is working diligently to address these issues, emphasizing that they are a small team doing their best to rectify the situation. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated during these downtimes.

On the 25th of April, there was another message indicating downtime. It appears that these outages occur roughly once a month, often during weekends and holidays when there is a significant increase in user activity, causing strain on the servers. While the app gradually comes back online, users may still encounter glitches and bugs that are being addressed by the development team.

To stay informed about the status of the app, users are encouraged to follow the Ten Ten app on TikTok for updates and announcements.

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