Ten ten app “pull down to ghost” meaning

The Ten Ten app recently introduced a feature called "pull down to ghost," which may have left many users curious about its meaning. According to a video transcript explaining the feature, the phrase is displayed when a user is in conversation mode on the app. Essentially, this feature allows users to discreetly exit a conversation without completely removing the friend they are talking to. Here's a breakdown of how the "pull down to ghost" feature functions:

  1. When in speaker mode, users can pull down to ghost to signal that they want to end the conversation.
  2. Ending the conversation using this feature does not remove the friend from the user's list; it simply signifies that the user no longer wishes to continue the current conversation.
  3. Users can choose to restart the conversation at a later time if they wish to reconnect with the friend.

This feature offers a subtle way for users to pause a conversation without causing any offense or completely cutting off communication. It provides a delicate balance between social interaction and personal boundaries within the app's messaging platform. As users navigate the intricacies of digital communication, features like "pull down to ghost" add a layer of nuance to their interactions, offering more control over their conversations.

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