Ten ten app takes too long to connect

The TenTen app is facing criticism as users report experiencing significant delays in connecting with others. Many users have expressed frustration over the app taking several minutes to establish a connection, with some reporting wait times of up to 3 minutes or more without successful connection. Complaints have also surfaced regarding instances where the app displays a perpetual "connecting" message, only to crash shortly afterward.

After investigating the issue, a potential solution has emerged among users who have encountered similar problems. It appears that for the TenTen app to function seamlessly, both the user and their intended recipient need to meet specific criteria.

Here are the key steps to ensure proper functionality of the TenTen app:

  • Ensure that your friend also has the TenTen app installed on their device.
  • Verify that your friend is currently logged into their TenTen account.
  • Confirm that your friend's device is powered on and operational.
  • Ensure that the friend's device has sufficient battery charge to support the app's usage during the communication.

Failure to meet these requirements may result in recurring crashes or prolonged connection times when attempting to use the TenTen app for calls.

While the app's performance issue may present challenges, addressing these considerations prior to initiating communication can help mitigate potential disruptions. By communicating with your friends beforehand to confirm their online status and app readiness, you can enhance the reliability and effectiveness of your interactions through the TenTen app.

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