Ten ten app tutorial for beginners

Hey there, so here is just a quick overview of the 1010 app tutorial. This new trending app can be found on 1010. It is currently gaining popularity and climbing the top charts, especially in the realm of social media apps. The app functions as a walkie-talkie, where users can communicate by simply talking into their phones without the need to hold them to their ears.

One unique feature of the 1010 app is that it can also be accessed from the lock screen, allowing users to continue conversations even when their phones are locked. This hands-free communication method adds convenience to staying connected with friends.

When setting up your account, you have the option to sign in using Apple, Google, TikTok, or email. However, some users have reported issues with email sign-in and currently, phone number sign-in has been disabled. If you encounter any glitches during account creation, such as not receiving SMS verification, it is recommended to retry the process.

To add friends on the app, simply tap on the plus icon in the bottom left corner. Each user is assigned a unique PIN code, which can be shared with friends for them to add you. Unfortunately, the app does not currently support searching for users by username or full name.

Additionally, the app features a Focus mode or a Do Not Disturb mode, which can be customized to block notifications from the 1010 app during specific times, ensuring uninterrupted focus when needed.

Overall, the 1010 app offers a fun and easy way to communicate with close friends, ideal for teenagers and small groups. By utilizing the app's walkie-talkie functionality, users can converse without the need to hold their phones or wear headphones constantly, making it a convenient option for casual chats with friends.

In summary, the 1010 app provides a unique communication experience that brings a nostalgic flair of walkie-talkies to modern smartphones. Whether chatting with friends or customizing Do Not Disturb settings, this app offers a blend of simplicity and social connectivity.

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