Ten Ten app - you need to invite friends to create an account

So here's a new app called Ten Ten that works like a walkie-talkie. To create an account on Ten Ten, you are required to invite friends. Once you tap "continue," you'll be able to send invites to your friends. Although it's unclear how many invites you need to send, at least one of your friends must accept your friend request for you to access the app.

One user reported experiencing a loading issue while creating an account. If you encounter such a problem, try restarting the app. The user mentioned that after restarting, they were able to successfully log in. This troubleshooting step could be helpful if you are unable to receive SMS messages for verification purposes.

To summarize, to create an account on the Ten Ten app, you must invite friends and have at least one friend accept your request. Remember to restart the app if you encounter any issues during the account creation process. Once you have access, you can enjoy all the features of the Ten Ten app, which includes a walkie-talkie style communication system.

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