ten ten - close friends only - how to use? iOS app overview

The 10.10 app on iOS, known as "10.10 Close Friends Only," is making waves as a viral social networking platform. This app operates similarly to a walkie talkie, allowing users to communicate easily with friends. It is currently gaining popularity and climbing up the charts on iOS devices.

One unique feature of the 10.10 app is that it functions even when the user's screen is locked, offering a hands-free communication experience like traditional walkie talkies. However, it is important to note that this app is currently exclusive to iOS devices. While Android users can pre-register for the app, it is not yet available on Android platforms.

Key points about the 10.10 app functionality include:

  1. The app is designed for teenagers and simplifies communication with friends.
  2. Users can speak directly through the app in speaker mode without holding the phone to their ear.
  3. To use the app, users must create an account and invite at least one friend who must accept the invitation.
  4. Only users with newer iOS devices, specifically those running iOS 14 or 16, can currently access the app.
  5. Users can control communication settings by muting, blocking, or adding new friends via PIN codes.

The app offers various customization options, including the ability to edit profiles, change images, and update contact information. Users can also delete their accounts and manage profile pictures easily. The app's simple interface makes it user-friendly and convenient for quick communication among friends.

In conclusion, the 10.10 Close Friends Only app is an innovative social networking tool that combines the convenience of walkie-talkies with modern mobile technology. Its ease of use and hands-free capabilities make it a popular choice for teenagers seeking new ways to communicate with their friends.

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