Ten ten walkie talkie app - quick tutorial

Hey there, so TanTan app, so it's just a quick tutorial. It's a new viral walkie-talkie app, especially for teenagers. It's in top charts of social networking. What it does, it just basically makes your phone work like, you know, like a messenger with a speaker mode, where you just talk to your friends via audio, and yeah, you can just turn it to live walkie-talkie. Your friends will hear you live on their phone, and they can hear you even their screen is locked. It feels like they're right next to you, so it's super interesting app.

So you can just open it up, and then here it is. You just need to:

  1. Create an account and invite a friend.
  2. At least one friend needs to accept your request.
  3. Then you can just hold to talk. All your friends need to be online, and your friend needs to update their app to the latest version.

Here I was just testing it out. Yep, so and then you can just hold and talk with your friend, and then also even if you lock your screen, TanTan app will appear in notifications, and you will be able to hear your friends even with the locked screen. Your iPhone becomes kind of like a walkie-talkie. You just talk to your phone, and then your friend hears you on a speaker, and then or on the headphones, and then vice versa. If your friends talk to you, you will just hear them on the kind of like a walkie-talkie mode, as it was you know in very popular in the 90s. So yeah, pretty cool feature.

There are a bunch of settings where you can:

  • Change the image
  • Change the phone
  • Learn some things on TikTok
  • Delete your account
  • Log out

Super easy to use app to add friends, you just need to use the PIN code here. So yep, there you have it.

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