Ten ten - you need at least 1 friend to accept your request

In the 10:10 app, the key requirement is having at least one friend who accepts your request. Without this crucial step, users are unable to utilize the functionalities of the app. The process involves sending a request to a friend and waiting for their acceptance, a simple yet necessary feature of the platform.

One standout aspect of the 10:10 app is that it doesn't rely on traditional usernames. Instead, users are identified by a PIN code. This unique approach adds a layer of privacy and security to the app's experience.

The user experience on the app is geared towards simplicity and efficiency. Unlike some social platforms that require users to gather multiple friends before they can fully engage, 10:10 only mandates the acceptance of one friend. This streamlined process makes it convenient for users to get started without any unnecessary delays.

In summary, the fundamental requirement of the 10:10 app is to have at least one friend who accepts your request. This straightforward approach emphasizes the importance of social connections while offering a user-friendly experience for individuals looking to connect with others digitally.

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