TestFlight app “Build is removed”

The TestFlight app, a popular tool for beta testing iOS applications, has introduced a new feature that notifies users when a build is removed from testing. In a recent video transcript, it was explained that if you notice a message stating "build is removed" while using certain apps, it means that the developer has removed the specific build you were testing.

This feature aims to provide transparency to testers, allowing them to stay informed about the app's development process. By turning on notifications, testers will receive a notification whenever a new build is added, ensuring they don't miss out on any updates.

It's important to note that when a build is removed, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have been removed as a tester. Rather, it indicates that the particular build you were testing is no longer available. If you encounter this situation, you can choose to stop testing the app by simply tapping the "stop testing" option.

On the other hand, there are instances where a tester may be removed from the test program altogether. In this case, the notification might state that the developer has removed you from the test program, while the app and its build are still being tested. Essentially, this means that even though the testing continues, you are no longer a part of it.

It's essential for users to understand the differences between these two scenarios in order to grasp the implications. Whether a build is removed or a tester is removed from the test program, both situations denote distinct circumstances within the testing process.

In conclusion, TestFlight's new feature serves as a helpful addition for testers, providing clear notifications when a build is removed from testing. By staying informed about these changes, testers can ensure they have the latest updates and contribute to the app's development effectively. Ultimately, this feature enhances the user experience and strengthens the bond between developers and testers.

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