TestFlight app - no “Accept” button - what to do

In the TestFlight app for some users, there has been a reported issue of the "Accept" button not appearing on iOS devices. This seems to be a bug affecting certain users. To address this issue and proceed with using the TestFlight app, follow these steps:

  1. Check Terms of Service (TOS) Acceptance: After installing the TestFlight app, users are required to accept the Terms of Service (TOS). If you do not see the "Accept" button, it is likely that you either skipped this step, closed the app before accepting, or encountered a bug.
  2. Solution Steps:
  • Open a desktop browser and navigate to the TestFlight platform.
  • Log in with the same Apple ID used on your iOS device.
  • Accept the Terms of Service (TOS) on the desktop browser.
  • Return to the TestFlight app on your iOS device.
  1. Installation on Desktop:
  • If necessary, install the TestFlight app on your desktop system, such as a Mac.
  • Find the TestFlight app in the Mac App Store.
  • Log in with your Apple ID and accept the Terms of Service (TOS) within the desktop version.

By following these steps, you should be able to resolve the issue of the missing "Accept" button and successfully redeem and use TestFlight apps. This workaround provides a solution for users encountering this particular problem.

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