TestFlight redeem code - where to get it?

TestFlight redeem code, where to get it? So here's TestFlight app. I tested like few apps here and where did I get this code? So in case of BeReal or LocketWidget there were just links inside of the app. There was like specific menu where you could just go and click on there and use. So if you just go there and like tap three dots. Somewhere here in the settings there was like an option to get a BeReal TestFlight link and I just clicked on the link and then I was redirected to the app and then I just got it.

So like the point is you just need to contact the app which you're using for which you need this code. Contact their support, reach out to like create a support request or something like that. They should give you out this code. That's just how it works and personally me I never used like the code itself because it's buggy. You can see the code is here in the top right. I just used like a link and when you tap on the link it works. When you enter the code here it doesn't work. So ask for a link it's more chances for it to work.

And then another thing is that basically this is a buggy issue to be honest and some people install some apps on Mac and they just work Mac apps but then like when you install TestFlight on your iPhone then TestFlight app starts to show you notification to enter invitation code. You have no idea what's going on there. Maybe you are really a part of the testing program on Mac but then you know just be very careful with this TestFlight app or don't even install it if you don't know what's going on there because you might not get these invitation codes. So yeah just be careful with that.

  • If you have any other ideas about it just leave it in the comments. But yep, you know if you're using some app and it's an important app for you to use, I would suggest not to participate like in this TestFlight because this is a glitchy stuff. You can read on Apple developer forums that there are a lot of issues from a developer side to generating these invitation codes. There are internal external codes. The code should be unique. It should be used for a specific email address on a specific device. So developers can make mistakes there and then your code can't be redeemed. So like you know if it's a very important app for you then it's just not gonna work. So don't use TestFlight for that. That's the point like that's testing and there will be issues there. So avoid TestFlight apps. That's just my point if you have some important stuff to do with a specific app.
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