Text Art: Poster & Quote Maker app - HOW TO USE? Full overview

Text Art: Poster & Quote Maker app - HOW TO USE? Full overview Are you looking for an app that can help you create stunning posters, flyers or quotes for your social media accounts? Then, you might want to check out TextArt Poster and Quote Maker app. In this post, we'll provide you with a full overview on how to use this app. First and foremost, TextArt is a popular app that has nearly 250,000 downloads. It is considered as one of the best apps in creating beautiful and professional posters and flyers. The app is quite easy to use and with just a few taps, you can create eye-catching graphic designs. To get started, simply select a photo, enter a catchy caption and choose from dozens of designer text styles. Every time you select a style, a new unique design is generated for you. The app is like a special version of Canva, but only for creating posters and quote makers. To upgrade to the Pro version, you can have a 7-day free trial or you can pay $29.99 per year or $6.99 per month. You can also opt for a one-time purchase of $70 if you really like the app and want to avoid repetitive charges. Once upgraded, you can create a new project and select different colors, sizes for Instagram, or other social media platforms. You can edit the text design, adjust the colors, add shadows, and set the canvas. If you want to remove the watermark, you'll need to upgrade to the Pro version. The app has many features and is quite user-friendly. The TextArt app doesn't require an account to get started, and you can use your own photos or choose from the stock library. There are also many font styles you can choose from to create your designs. In conclusion, the TextArt: Poster and Quote Maker app is a powerful tool for all social media managers, bloggers, or just creative individuals who want to create stunning posters, flyers or quotes quickly and with zero technical background. Try TextArt today and see how you can level up your designs with just a few taps!

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