Text Vault Texting App - full overview

hello here is text wall texting app let's install it and see how it works so the size is like 48 megabytes so you just touch id to install this app is private and secure texting app protect your real number burn numbers when done secure texting private messages and photos no code second number have as many phone numbers for texting as you want so this can be useful you know like if you don't want to share a lot of your individual phone number and then you just want to have like a replaceable phone number so yeah try that so let's just open the app see how it works then you just need to choose a number first time for example i want to choose this number and i choose area code and there you have it then it asks me to to upgrade 4.99 per month but let's see if that possible to get the number uh just just without that and then you can also get your number subscriptions free one month just for 9.99 three months 19.99 i can skip so i still able to to get the number and that's it and here is my number you can give access to your contacts but that's it but as you can see this number is is expires it's expiring like very fast like just in a month and a half or something like that um or just in two months so your wall phone number is an anonymous phone line and you randomize will display with each person you text or call to add a fixed number uh you need to upgrade i guess so yep yeah if you go premium you can have a fixed number and then you can invite friends so if i share this number just for you so that's the idea and then here is your account yep so that's basically you see here uh sometimes you just need to to upgrade 4.99 per month it can be a good deal however things are other apps where you can get like a fixed number just for like five dollars or so per year just if you need like an address here and then you can create an account here and then just browse around add email for email recovery and something like that

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