The faster you verify with orb - more WLD you will get!

In a recent update to the WorldCoin app, a new gamification feature called Orb has been introduced, promising users more rewards based on the speed of their verification process. This strategic approach aims to incentivize users to verify their accounts more quickly in order to earn higher amounts of WorldCoin, the app's native cryptocurrency.

Within the Grants tab of the WorldCoin app, users are provided with specific details regarding the potential rewards they can earn by verifying their accounts by a certain deadline. The feature clearly outlines that users stand to receive a set amount of WorldCoin over a 12-month period if they fulfill the verification requirement by a specified date. As time progresses, the amount of WorldCoin rewards gradually decreases, starting at 88 WorldCoins and reducing to 76 WorldCoins.

The concept behind the Orb feature is quite straightforward – the earlier users verify their accounts, the more WorldCoin they will be able to accumulate. Conversely, delaying the verification process will result in a lower allocation of WorldCoin rewards. This setup prompts users to make a decision based on their preference for maximizing their WorldCoin earnings within the app.

The implementation of the Orb feature introduces a gamified element to the verification process, transforming a routine task into a competitive and rewarding endeavor for WorldCoin users. By integrating such incentive mechanisms, the app aims to enhance user engagement and participation while fostering a sense of urgency and achievement within the community.

To fully leverage the benefits of the Orb feature and capitalize on the potential rewards it offers, users are encouraged to proactively engage with the verification process and adhere to the stipulated deadlines. By doing so, users can optimize their WorldCoin earnings and actively contribute to the vibrancy and success of the WorldCoin ecosystem.

In conclusion, the introduction of the Orb feature in the WorldCoin app represents a strategic move to drive user engagement and activity through gamification. By linking verification speed with WorldCoin rewards, the app motivates users to expedite their verification process and secure higher crypto rewards. As users navigate this new feature, they are presented with an opportunity to enhance their earning potential and actively participate in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency.

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