The Masters Tournament app overview

so here is the master tournament app and here you can just tap here to download it so this is the official app of the most storied event sports um so yeah the the official app of 2022 masters tournament and this is the app you can download and it's the same app every year so you have the same app for 2021 2020 and so on so yep you can see this is how it looks like um yeah so this app is bringing you closer to the beauty and excitement of the masters tournament in augusta georgia on april 4 10 2022. um and this app includes live live simulcast of master broadcasts live streams of the future content uh fantasy game group game every shot of like video everywhere exclusive live scoring um apple tv course overview masters radio tee times news and yeah anything like that um and the reviews are pretty okay so uh yeah that's what it is so the size is 288 megabytes um and yeah so that's basically that so that's the app you can experience every magical moment follow the live leaderboard follow your favorite players play master fantasy game and this app is also available on all these platforms iphone ipad apple tv and apple watch apps so everywhere so if you're a golf fan there's definitely an app you should try out download it and it's a good part it's that this app is also free so um just yeah it takes a while just not sure if this app is available on android but yeah there you have

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