“The video call ended” in Messenger app

The video call ended in Messenger, triggering a somewhat frustrating experience for users within the app. As described in a video transcript, the functionality in Messenger displays a notification badge even after the video call has concluded. This prompts users to re-engage with the chat, only to see a message stating that the video call has ended. Here's a breakdown of the sequence of events detailed in the user's experience:

  • Notification badge remains after the video call concludes.
  • Opening the chat reveals a message stating the call has ended.
  • Users need to reopen the chat to view the message, after which it disappears.

The described behavior raises concerns about the unnecessary back-and-forth required to confirm the conclusion of a call. While this may be perceived as a minor inconvenience, the user expresses annoyance at the repeated steps involved.

The user expresses a desire to disable this persistent notification feature. However, they seem unsure about how to achieve this within the Messenger app. They invite others to share any insights or solutions they might have regarding disabling this feature.

While the intent behind this design choice remains unclear, the user humorously speculates that Messenger may be leveraging the notification to prompt users to view more advertisements within the app.

In conclusion, the lingering notification badge in Messenger post-video call termination presents a user experience challenge that may benefit from a more streamlined approach. Users are encouraged to explore potential solutions or workarounds within the app settings to mitigate this inconvenience.

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