ThemeKit app - Widget & Icon Themes - how to use? Full guide

The ThemeKit app is one of the top charts in the Graphics and Designs category on iOS. It is a popular choice for managing themes, icons, and widgets. Users can look forward to attractive discounts during holidays, making it even more appealing. Upon launching the app, users are presented with an onboarding process where they can agree to various options such as tracking and receiving notifications.

There are different pricing plans available, including a yearly and weekly membership. If users prefer, they can also opt for the monthly plan at $13 per month. It's worth noting that the app offers a free version, but users will encounter some ads while using it.

To install a theme, users can simply select it and then proceed to download wallpapers, icons, and widgets associated with that theme. The free version may require watching ads before the installation process can be completed. Once a theme is selected and an ad is watched, users tap "install" and then proceed to download the ThemeKit configuration profile. It is important to allow the profile to be downloaded and then navigate to the settings to locate it under General, VPN, and Device Management. Once found, users can install the profile. The icon associated with the selected theme will then be available on the home screen.

Upon opening the app, users may be redirected to other apps, such as Apple Music. It's important to note that the free version may require patience due to the presence of ads. Upgrading to a premium account will allow users to skip the ads and expedite the installation process.

In the premium version, users have the option to upgrade and easily install all wallpapers, icons, and widgets with just one tap. This can save a considerable amount of time compared to individually installing each item. The app offers a variety of features, including wallpapers, widgets, lock screen widgets, dynamic widgets, calendar launcher, and more. Users can also access tutorials on various topics, such as time format and temperature units.

Compared to other similar apps like ThemePack and Themify, ThemeKit offers a relatively affordable price point. It has seen a growing popularity on platforms like YouTube, with many users seeking tutorials and reviews for ThemePack, Simplify, and ThemeKit. These three apps are currently regarded as the top choices for obtaining themes, widgets, and icons.

Whether you are an avid theme enthusiast or simply looking for a way to personalize your iOS device, ThemeKit is worth a try. With its vast collection of themes, icons, and widgets, the app provides an opportunity to enhance the visual experience of your smartphone or tablet.

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