ThemePack app - full overview & how to use

here's an interesting app which is called team Pack videos and wallpapers so here you can see the app and it's in top charts in Graphics and Design category on the US App Store so probably interesting app um it's a free app with so static features awesome wallpapers and stylish app icons which help you customize your home screen like never before so yeah part of the standard font style with steam pack you can easily find your favorite widgets amazing icon packs and high quality wallpapers we just wallpapers app icons so yeah there are a bunch of apps like that there are actually so many but there are some ones which are easy to use and uh kind of cheaper and there are ones which are uh yeah just hard to use so here you can have yeah you can have a thousand plus stylish themes app icons widgets you can get it for 14.99 per month or 39 per year cancel any time but let's explore just whereabouts of this app how it looks like so here you can see all of the like setups what you can turn your iPhone into if you're like bored with with standard design of iPhone which can yeah which can get pretty boring you have all these custom Styles like you can select this and then just tap a lot then you select what you want to start with so you can start download download wallpaper download icons and then download widgets like for example quotes some like heart and then some Daytime calendar so you can start there and then you know here you have those uh yeah so that's basically the idea of it um and here are some quick tutorials so you can set a wallpaper so for example you upgrade it and you want to select wallpaper select an image from photos tab share tap to use this wallpaper tab set and set boss also and then live photo on and then widgets you can touch any area on your screen find the plus icon button in the top left five team pack so that widget like if you have three widgets you will need to do it three times and select three widgets then there are also icons you can install icons you can click download description file allow the pop-up profile downloaded then you can just go to settings and you follow just these steps and then you will be able to install uh all these icons for the apps you have uh I need to say that these icons are only available for the top apps like Instagram Snapchat you know Twitter uh WhatsApp Facebook is not available for every app you have if if it is a less known app you won't have a customized icon so there you have it and then of course you can just explore specific icons you like so you can try those ah then you can explore specific wallpapers you like so you can also just get wallpapers and then you can explore widgets as I understand unfortunately either you need to uh to upgrade or you need to use some gems have any of you heard from candy yeah to earn the right to use also like you yeah either you watch some ads in this app or you will need to upgrade to yeah start using this app correctly um so yeah unfortunately this is how it works and right now I'll just go through uh the paid option um so yeah I've earned 75 gems have any of you heard from Candy I don't want to watch another video so I can just okay so but you got the idea if you don't want to upgrade then have like monthly payments to that um you can just watch a lot of advertisement but then it will of course it will take some of your time and if you want to upgrade 14.99 per month sir 99 per week it would be nice if they would have like all in a one-time package like you pay like 60 dollars and then your all-time subscribed or something like that um here we have the thousand plus teams and plus app icons in widget 9000 plus live and still wallpaper customizer with school effects everything updated weekly no ads and no pop-ups so yeah if you really like to change the style of your phone a lot you can you can choose to upgrade here and use these settings otherwise of course you can just upgrade for a week try to use it try some Styles install them and yeah if you don't don't like it of course you can cancel you can do that of course here you can also sign up with Google create an account here and then uh yeah probably you will be able to bookmark and save your collections and stuff like that um so yeah you signed in with apple and then you can proceed with that hope this is helpful and thank you for watching try out this app

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