Themes: Fancy Widgets, Icons - app overview

seems Fancy Widgets and icons this interesting app so let's just try to install it and see how it works new lock screen wallpapers in widget past when some teams natural teams Southern plus icons and widgets customize your screen easy to change icons so this is one of the apps where you can set up wallpapers icons and widgets in one place uh yeah there are a bunch of apps like that I think this is one of the top ones it's easy to use it has a lot of reviews I did bunch of other overviews uh and then here you just instantly have this pop-up where you can enable free trial and get like the screen with a with full access but what if I don't want that and then instantly it wants to upgrade 49.99 per year which is actually not that expensive so it's this kind of app but I was just curious if I can just try this app of his uh yeah so after some period you can actually avoid the screen okay it's a bit Shady like you know I just want to have that option clearly telling me there's three versions there's paid and then there is theme there are all the different themes there are all the different widgets and of course there are ads it's fair like everyone should be able to monetize this so Daria Howard uh so you have a weekly Pro if you want to avoid ads and it's like 8.99 per week as you can see it makes more sense to just upgrade to yearly so there you have it so you have teams so you can select the theme and then this is how your iPhone might look like so all these different themes so you just tap get the seams and then each team is consists of icons pages and wallpapers so you can first select wallpaper and download your wallpaper then you can set up widgets and then you can set all these widgets uh yeah and then you can select all the icons and then download and set them as well so there are some free seams here and then there are some paint ones so that's basically the idea so again there are some bunch of apps here so yeah then you can also select wallpapers and then as you reach your account but yeah unfortunately yeah you can see that this app is actually quite unusable it's a free version there are like so many ads really like maybe it's even easier to upgrade even for a week or something like that yes it's as true as too many ads so then you have your setup and then you can just follow all of this to start setting up uh widgets so you can see here how to set up widgets you can see her here how to set up icons how to set wallpaper and yeah so that's basically the idea uh hope all of this is helpful and yeah thank you for watching

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