Theory Lessons Music app - what is it? How to use

I recently came across a very cool app designed for individuals interested in learning music. The Theory Lessons Music app is available for a mere $3, making it a budget-friendly option for those wanting to delve into the world of music theory. It boasts a collection of 39 music theory lessons sourced from, all of which are presented in their original animated versions.

If you decide to explore this app, you can expect to find a comprehensive list of lessons covering topics such as note duration, measures, time signature, rest duration, dots and tie steps, and accidentals. Essentially, the app serves as a one-stop destination for anyone looking to enhance their knowledge of music theory.

Moreover, the Theory Lessons Music app provides users with pocket-sized animated music lessons that prove to be both engaging and informative. For those intrigued by this offering, the app can be downloaded from Alternatively, you may want to consider an alternative app called Tenuto, which also offers compelling resources for music enthusiasts.

Tenuto stands out as another paid app, priced slightly higher at $4.99. However, it presents itself as a valuable tool for honing your musical skills and understanding. Whether you opt for Theory Lessons or Tenuto, both options promise to provide an enriching educational experience for individuals keen on delving deeper into the realm of music theory.

In conclusion, these apps offer a convenient and user-friendly way to access music theory lessons wherever you are. If you have yet to explore such resources, I encourage you to give them a try and witness firsthand the benefits they can bring to your musical journey.

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