There are no DMs in BlueSky app

There has been a lot of buzz around the new BlueSky app, but it seems that one of the most requested features is missing - direct messaging. Users have been eagerly waiting for the ability to send and receive messages within the app, but unfortunately, that feature is not available at the moment.

In a recent video transcript, the developers of BlueSky confirmed that there are no DMs in the app. This means that even if you manage to get into the app, you won't be able to message people directly. It's disappointing news for those who were looking forward to seamless communication within BlueSky.

However, all hope is not lost. The developers hinted that this highly sought-after feature may be added in the future. It's possible that they are working on incorporating direct messaging into the app and it might be released in a later update.

It's important to note that BlueSky is still in its early stages. It started as a startup, and as with any new software, there are often limitations and missing features in the initial release. The developers are likely focused on building a strong foundation for the app before introducing additional functionalities.

While the absence of DMs might be disappointing for some users, it's also worth highlighting that there are likely other features that are not yet available in BlueSky. As the app continues to grow and evolve, we can expect more updates and improvements to address user demands and make it a more robust platform for social interaction.

In the world of technology, software development is an iterative process. Companies often listen to user feedback and take it into consideration when planning future updates. So, if direct messaging is a feature you've been eagerly waiting for in BlueSky, your patience might pay off in the form of a future release.

Until then, users can still make the most of the existing features in BlueSky and enjoy the unique elements that the app has to offer. As the developers continue to enhance the app, we can expect more exciting developments in the future.

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