😢 There is NO FREE TRIAL in UMAX app… Try this app INSTEAD!

There's disappointment in store for users hoping for a free trial on the UMAX app. Unfortunately, this app doesn't offer a free trial option. So, if you're interested in exploring an alternative, I've got just the app for you.

In the UMAX app, after upgrading and conducting a scan, results are available. Despite this, there is no free trial available. The app comes with a $4 per week subscription fee, allowing only one scan per week. If immediate scans are your priority, you'll need to shell out an additional $3.99 for each subsequent scan.

Thankfully, alternatives to UMAX are available. One such option is LuxMax AI, which also does not provide a free trial. However, when you upgrade, you gain the ability to conduct unlimited scans per week for the same price. While LuxMax AI may not be as trendy on platforms like TikTok, it gives users the opportunity to try the app for free for three days before making a commitment.

While I haven't personally tried the other apps, it seems that there will soon be dozens of similar apps hitting the market. Today alone, three new apps have been released. Many of these apps bear names similar to UMAX and LuxMax AI, such as Looks Max and You Max. However, as the original apps, UMAX and LuxMax AI are the safer options.

If you're still unsure about which app to choose, consider giving LuxMax AI a try. It offers a free trial period and delivers a similar experience to UMAX. You might find it to be just as useful. If you find this video helpful, I encourage you to like and share it with others, so more people can discover the alternatives to UMAX.

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