🥲 There is no way to verify Worldcoin account without Orb…

Unfortunately, right now, there is no way to verify your Worldcoin account without ORB. So if there is no ORB around you, then, yeah, it's not possible to do it. Let me explain the steps you need to follow for the setup and verification process, which is dependent on having an ORB.

Firstly, you need to finish the setup of your World app. Once that is done, the next step is to verify your account using the ORB device. However, the availability of ORBs is currently limited to just a few locations. It's unclear why this restriction exists, but it's worth noting that ORBs are only available in a handful of countries.

If you're interested in obtaining an ORB, you can visit Worldcoin's website and find a sign-up form to become an ORB operator. By completing this process, you may be able to order one of those ORB devices. Unfortunately, it seems that this option is not as straightforward as it sounds.

For instance, in the United States, the ORB availability is already quite limited, with just a few cities like New York, Atlanta, San Francisco, Glendore, and LA having access to this device. In fact, there are only 12 ORBs available for the entire country. This indicates that the scarcity of ORBs is a widespread issue.

Furthermore, in countries like India, there are no ORBs at all. The lack of ORB availability in certain regions remains unexplained. It's unclear why Worldcoin has chosen to limit its distribution in this way.

In conclusion, the current situation with Worldcoin's verification process is hindered by the limited availability of ORBs. This can pose a challenge for users who do not have access to an ORB in their area. The reasons behind the restricted distribution of ORBs and the potential solutions to this issue remain uncertain. We can only hope that Worldcoin addresses this problem and offers a more accessible verification method in the future.

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