“This site is trying to open an application” Chrome

When using certain websites, users may encounter a pop-up message stating, "This site is trying to open an application" while browsing in Chrome. This prompt typically appears when a website attempts to automatically redirect users to the App Store. The decision to allow or deny this redirection is left to the user.

If the user chooses to allow the redirection, they will be taken directly to the App Store. Some websites have mobile versions that prevent users from accessing the site directly and instead initiate the App Store redirect when accessed from a mobile device. This practice is often employed by developers to drive traffic to their mobile applications.

For users who opt not to allow the redirection, they can attempt to continue using the website as usual. However, it's important to note that certain features or content may not be accessible without allowing the redirection to the App Store.

In summary, the "This site is trying to open an application" prompt in Chrome serves as a notification for users regarding potential redirection to the App Store by certain websites. Users have the choice to permit or decline this redirection based on their preference and browsing needs.

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