Threads app “It looks like you’re in Europe”

The Threads app recently introduced a new notification for users in Europe, specifically in the European Union. When opening the Threads app in this region, users are greeted with a message that reads, "It looks like you're in Europe."

As part of the localization efforts for this region, users are required to confirm how they would like to use Threads. The options presented are as follows:

  1. Keep using with your Instagram profile: By selecting this option, users can continue using Threads with their existing Instagram profile. This allows them to post, interact, and receive personalized recommendations based on their Instagram account activity.
  2. Use it without the Instagram profile: Alternatively, users have the choice to use Threads without their Instagram profile. However, opting for this option will result in the deletion of their current profile. Users who choose this option will not be able to post, interact, or receive personalized recommendations. Instead, they will have a more generic guest user experience with fewer personalized features.

It is worth noting that this feature is currently only available to users in Europe, as Threads recently expanded its availability to the European Union. Previously, the app was exclusively accessible to users in the United States.

For users in Europe, this update presents an opportunity to tailor their Threads experience based on their preference for using it with or without their Instagram profile. If you are located in Europe, it may be worth exploring these new options and seeing how they can enhance your experience with the Threads app.

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