Tiki - Short Video App preview

let's explore this trending app called tiki short video app so let's just tap get and you see that this app is number eight in social networking it's growing quite fast probably it somewhere was just tock a place for real talent sticky is an entertaining and infotaining short form video app covering high quality short videos such as comedy dance sleep sync and so on tikis is a great place for you to explain express yourself you can interact with creators uh you can go live um find your community place for real talents make your moment become influencers in tiki use video to record file grow your followers and become an influential creator whatever you are talented at dancing making music filming drama comedy cooking foods leading trend sharing knowledge uh tiki can help you become a superstar become local talents so yeah that's the app it's not tick-tock so don't confuse it with stick talk this is some kind of new app which just has 43 ratings 3.7 average writing there aren't that many reviews actually so that's what you have here so yeah that's basically the idea find the community interested in engage cover live and chat freely join the fun activities make your moment explore trending special effects so yeah that's the app okay for some reason it slows down in installation but yeah there you have it so i'll probably try to install it and then uh do a full overview

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