TikTok AD authorization - video code expired

When utilizing TikTok for advertising purposes, users may encounter a notification indicating that their video code has expired. This occurrence raises the question of what exactly this means in the context of TikTok's ad authorization process.

Essentially, the video code serves as a form of ad authorization that grants permission to advertising clients to incorporate the designated video into their ads. However, it is important to note that this video code comes with an expiration date attached to it. This means that the authorization is only valid for a specified period, typically around 30 days, at which point users must decide whether to extend the authorization period or not.

If users opt to share their unique video code with advertisers, their video can be featured in the advertisements created by these approved entities. This process ensures that only authorized advertisers have the ability to use the video for promotional purposes, thereby maintaining control over its dissemination.

In summary, the TikTok ad authorization system enables users to grant permission for their videos to be utilized in advertisements by approved advertisers for a limited period. Understanding the dynamics of video code expiration is crucial for effectively managing and leveraging one's advertising assets on the platform.

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