TIKTOK AI AVATARS - how to generate? Full guide

Hey everyone, TikTok has launched a new AI feature that allows users to generate AI avatars. Currently, this feature only supports selfie creation using AI technology. To access it, simply go to your profile and look for the option to enhance your selfies with AI.

To begin generating your AI avatars, follow these steps:

  1. Type "create" in the provided field.
  2. For best results, select well-lit portraits and ensure your face is not cropped incorrectly.
  3. Choose the selfies you want to use, keeping in mind that you need to select a minimum of 10 photos.
  4. Upload your selected selfies to the app.
  5. Next, select the styles you prefer. You can choose between two and five styles from the available options.
  6. Once you've made your selections, the app will start creating your avatars. This process usually takes around 40 minutes.
  7. You'll receive a notification when your avatars are ready. You can create up to 30 avatars at once, and the creation process typically takes approximately five minutes.

After creating your avatars, you can view them within one week by tapping the "View" button. The avatars generated will be based on the styles and photos you selected during the creation process. While some of the avatars may turn out better than others, you have the option to use them for your profile or download them. If you choose to download them, they will be shared to your camera roll.

To use your TikTok AI avatars for your profile, follow these steps:

  1. Check your messages and look for the "Activities" tab.
  2. You will receive a notification in your activities if you have notifications enabled. Otherwise, you will still be notified that your avatars are ready.
  3. Tap on the notification to view your avatars.
  4. Select the avatar you like and tap the red "Use for Profile" button. This will set the chosen avatar as your profile picture.
  5. If you wish to download the avatars, you can tap the "Download" button in the top right corner.
  6. If you want to create more avatars with different styles, tap the "Create More" button in the bottom left corner.

The best part is that TikTok's AI avatar feature is completely free. While other apps charge for similar services, TikTok is offering this feature at no cost. Typically, you would have to pay around $4 or $5 for a pack of 30 avatars, but TikTok provides this service for free. Keep in mind that these avatars are only available for a week, so make sure to use them or download them before they are deleted.

TikTok's AI avatar feature is a great way to enhance your profile and express your creativity. Take advantage of this free and convenient tool to create unique avatars that truly represent you.

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