Tin savings app - how to install extension in Safari?

Hey everyone, today we'll be discussing the Tin Savings app and how to install its extension on Safari. The Tin Savings app is designed to help users save money while shopping online on their mobile devices. This app functions as a Safari extension, allowing it to apply the best coupon codes at checkout, ultimately resulting in savings for users.

When using the Tin Savings app, you'll notice that it climbs high in the shopping tab. This is a testament to its effectiveness in finding and applying coupon codes from over 50,000 retailers. By automatically applying the best savings, Tin allows users to focus on finding what they need while letting the deals come to them. Additionally, Tin can track packages and organize all deliveries in one place, ensuring that you never miss a delivery or deal.

Installing Tin in Safari is a straightforward process. Simply go to the Safari menu and tap on the extension icon to manage your extensions. From there, select Tin, set it to "On," and choose "Always Allow" on the Tin website. Once you've completed these steps, you can start shopping on the Tin website and enjoy the savings it offers.

While the Tin Savings app is a useful Safari extension, it's important to note that it may not have codes for every website. There are other apps, such as Honey (which was acquired by PayPal), that have attempted to offer similar functionality. However, Tin provides a convenient all-in-one package tracking feature, making it a valuable addition to your shopping routine.

To install the Tin extension on Safari, simply tap the indicated link, go to "Manage Extensions," and enable the Tin extension. It's worth noting that there are some additional permissions required for the extension to function optimally. These permissions may seem aggressive as they allow the extension on every website, so it's essential to consider if this level of access aligns with your preferences.

Once you've successfully installed the Tin extension, you can open the Tin app, allow notifications, and create your account. This straightforward process ensures that you can maximize your savings while shopping online through the Tin Savings app.

In conclusion, Tin Savings app is a useful Safari extension that helps users save money while shopping online. By automatically applying the best coupon codes and providing all-in-one package tracking, Tin simplifies the shopping experience. Installing the Tin extension on Safari is a simple process that allows you to unlock its potential and enjoy the savings it offers. Give it a try and start benefiting from the Tin Savings app today!

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