Tiny Snaps in SnapChat+ - how to use?

Snapchat Plus has introduced a new feature called Tiny Snaps, offering users the ability to send bite-sized snaps along with their chats. To use this feature, follow these simple steps:

  1. Tap on the camera icon after you begin typing in a chat.
  2. Type in to take a Tiny Snap.

As a Snapchat Plus subscriber, you have the option to customize the color, batch, and appearance of different parts of the app. Tiny Snaps function as small images that can be sent to any chat, serving as a personalized emoji of sorts. When composing a chat message, the camera icon will transform into the Tiny Snap icon. To capture a Tiny Snap, simply tap on the icon. Upon hitting send, the Tiny Snap will be attached to your message.

It's important to note that Tiny Snaps cannot be enlarged to the size of a regular snap; they will remain small when sent. To experience this feature firsthand, try sending a test Tiny Snap in a chat. Simply tap on the Tiny Snap icon that appears when you start typing, capture your image, and send it along with your message.

The addition of Tiny Snaps adds a fun and creative element to Snapchat Plus, allowing users to enhance their chats with small, personalized images. Give it a try and see how this feature can liven up your conversations on the platform.

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