TMTG corp raises 1 Billion - podcast

TMTG corp raises 1 Billion

Trump’s TMTG corp raises 1 Billion - what could it mean? Is it legit? Will it really influence FAANG or doesn’t matter.


Hey. So in this podcast episode, let's discuss Tmtg Group, which is Corporation started by Trump, and that recently raised 1 billion and it's back deal. What is pack is basically special purpose acquisition company or something like that. Basically the idea of this Pack is that this company helps to take other companies public super fast. So for example, how it works in a super simplified way.

So the parent company can be already public and it basically acquires like the child company, which is not public. And then because it's acquired that, then the child company kind of becomes public as well. So something like that this group, which is called Trump Media and Technology Group Tmtg. It combines basically three branches of businesses for Trump. First is just this new social media app, which is called True Social, which you can pre order on the App Store.

And it should be a while somewhere around February in the App Store. Then there is another area which is just some media like new service to compete with Fox News, just like conservative right side media news service, which aims to compete with all these traditional media corporations. And then the third branch is also something like Disney plus, it's like media streaming service. So Trump wants to compete with all these media streaming services, Netflix and Disney. Plus, all of this together is like Team TG Corporation.

So I was enjoying I also recommend to you the audience podcast. And then they were discussing back like few weeks ago that, yeah, this is actually a lot of people cannot take it seriously. But there is a huge demand for the right to be in social media in the United States. A lot of people just feel that Twitter and Facebook are just left wing, not neutral social media companies. And big tech is very like left wing.

So a lot like people on that side, like Trump voters. They feel that there is some imbalance. Yeah. People need more on the right side, like more social media, more media outlets on that side. And Trump can fill this niche all in podcast like Friedburg was talking that it easily.

This deal is easily like 20 billion deal. And it's not some funny, silly thing. It's actually because there is this demand of audience to have this kind of media Corporation on the right side. So there was this pipe deal in the beginning of December.

And then yeah, I'm just reading here for the article. So who would invest money in this one possible pool is like very wealthy people for so much. The Trump has been banned from regular social media social media. They are willing to waste money on even the beef of the promise of Trump brand and social media. Second, pool is special interest looking to get in Trump's good crisis in case he ends up in the White House again.

And third, pool is more mercenary hedge funds and other investors sold on TMTG's basic beach. So, for example, if you buy stock at $30, you can sell it to some retail routes at $40. So, yeah, that's about it.

And this deal can value like DMG Corporation, like at around 20 billion. And there are a lot of apps on this right side in this niche. Maybe you heard about parlor. There is another video streaming app which is called Rumble.

There were, like, MV apps, bunch of other apps. But I think Rumble is the kind of, like, right wing TikTok. It's one of the most prominent apps. It has, like, 30 million users or something like that. And I think there is also some cooperation between Tim to G and Rumble already.

So that can be interesting what they do together. But a lot of people also notice that, like original through social app, which Trump is putting a lot of attention at this app. The code for this app is just stolen from some GitHub, and it's not really that relevant. There is not much designer working it or just programming work. So all the screenshots, you can do them easily, and then you can just copy past from some GitHub code, and that's basically it.

So who knows how this app will work out? Maybe it just makes more sense with all this valuation and all this liquidity to buy the app like Rumble, something like that. So I'm just repeating basically what was said in the all in podcast. But, yeah, there you have it. It's just an interesting to see how it will end up.

Will it really grow into something like meaningful and will it have some influence on other, like on Google or on Facebook or it will just become nonrelevant?

So that's just $0.05 on that. Thank you for tuning in.

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