TONHUB app overview

The TONHUB app is a new addition to the lineup of services available for managing TON coin on the TON blockchain. It serves as an alternative to the TON Keeper app and offers a user-friendly experience for sending, receiving, storing, and staking TON coin with no registration or personal information required to get started.

Features of TONHUB include:

  • Send, receive, store, or stake TON coin on the TON blockchain
  • Compatibility with all existing TON wallets
  • Fast transaction confirmation times, typically in a matter of seconds

To get started with the TONHUB app, users need to follow a simple setup process that involves creating a wallet by entering a recovery phrase, PIN code, and enabling features like Face ID for added security.

Once set up, users can:

  • View wallet address and balance
  • Add multiple wallets
  • Send, receive, and scan transactions
  • Explore features like liquid staking
  • Access transaction history and a built-in browser for extensions

Additionally, TONHUB offers functionalities like a "holders card" for group collaboration and payment options that are not available in the TON Keeper app, making it a versatile tool for TON coin management.

Users can easily connect TONHUB to other services like Not Coin to broaden their usage options and streamline their TON coin management process. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive features, TONHUB is positioning itself as a convenient choice for those looking to interact with the TON blockchain efficiently.

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