TONSTAKERS app - how to use via Tonkeeper?

The TONSTAKERS app can be conveniently accessed via the Tonkeeper platform for users looking to stake TON coin. To begin, users need to navigate to their Tonkeeper wallet's browser. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Search for "TONSTAKERS" in the browser.
  2. Tap on the TONSTAKERS link to access the platform.
  3. Connect your wallet instantly to facilitate staking within Tonkeeper.
  4. Tap to establish a connection with your wallet.
  5. Start staking your TON coins and view the estimated yearly rewards of 3.3%.
  6. Explore protocol details and view the list of stakers on the platform.

TONSTAKERS is noted as one of the popular protocols for individuals seeking to stake their TON coins. The process is user-friendly and straightforward when using the Tonkeeper wallet. Users can access more information about the security measures, how to utilize TONSTAKERS effectively, the mechanics behind its operations, and the concept of liquid staking.

If you are interested in staking TON coins, exploring TONSTAKERS within the Tonkeeper ecosystem could be a favorable option to consider. Venture into the world of staking with TONSTAKERS for potential rewards and an engaging staking experience.

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