hello everyone so here is viral top Widgets app which soar to the top charts in the US App Store and then uh yeah so okay I'm just trying to get started here and you can also set it up so that's basically how you get started with this app there is no need to create an account as I understand and the the main the main feature of this app is that uh yeah you can install lock widgets here which were introduced with iOS 16. so here you have lock screen uh which you can just for example have a countdown and then it says please upgrade app and your system 2016 to use this feature uh or yeah and then here for example you have like some other uh uh other uh home screen widgets like this so these are more videos from IOS 14 which were available back then uh uh it's it's a lot of permissions but basically you can just for example see how it will look like here and then you can just tap save save success and then install your widget now so then you can just uh swipe and then tap and hold you will see which is jiggling and then you can just search dog pictures like this and then you have small medium large and medium and then you can just select small and tap and hold okay tap and hold and then edit widget and select current widget like this and then transparent choose yes or no attack Shadow blur and there you have it that's how you installed it if you want to make it transparent or something you can just try that and then you need to tap screenshots like this and then it will be transparent background so scroll the empty page take a screenshot set screenshot and then set position set successfully so that's a cool feature basically uh and then you can just set up the the screenshot here so something like this and then from here you just select your screenshot and set it up so that's a cool feature and then you have additional lock screen widgets which you can just install here there are so many log widgets here it's one of the best apps to do that uh so yeah uh

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